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Uso WordPress para construir los sitios web.

WordPress es el mayor software de código abierto para crear sitios web. Hay personas en todo el mundo que trabajan cada día para hacer que sea mejor y más rápido. Es el software más confiable que existe.

Puedes optar por agregar Google Analytics a su sitio web como complemento.

Google Analytics te muestra cuántas personas visitan tu sitio web. Cuando eliges Google Analytics, también instalo un complemento que hace posible ver los análisis directamente desde tu panel de WordPress.

Eso es realmente simple, en la página de documentación puede encontrar artículos sobre la mayoría de los temas. Si no puedes encontrar lo que está buscando, solo envíeme un mensaje.

¡Por supuesto! En la página de documentación tengo varios artículos sobre cómo hacer pequeños cambios en tu sitio web. También porque es un sitio web de WordPress, Internet está lleno de tutoriales.

Una vez que recibí los archivos necesarios, su sitio web estará en línea al día siguiente.

los diseños y el proceso

First find the category of the kind of website that you want. Restaurant, blog, portfolio, services, webshop, etc. Then continue narrowing down by looking at the menu and the position of the content. The layout is only about the position* of the elements.

*Don’t get distracted by the look of the website, the appearance of your website will be determined by the Style board that you choose.

Of course! If you don’t see the style that fits your brand or you already have a branding with colors and fonts you can choose the “design my style” or “use my brand style” and we will use your personal style.

If you don’t have an idea of a style yet we will work together on finding the style that fits your wishes. We do that by using a Pinterest board where you show me your ideas. With these ideas I will make a few style tiles for you of which you can choose one.

This depends on the design that you choose. Most of the time I just need images and texts.

Sometimes I need information about third party accounts. In case you have a shop with card payments or to connect your Newsletter account.

Read my Privacy Policy here.

After you placed and payed your order you will find documents on your personal account and in the email confirmation.
These documents clearly state what I need from you.

The sooner the better. Once I have the files I can 

Of course! Just pick the add-on “edit pictures” and I will make this part of the process.

Important to know:

  • I can only change the format and the size of the images, I don’t do any photoshop or other photo editing.
  • I do not edit product images.

Click here for documentation on how to edit your product images.

Hosting and maintenance

Yes I do and I recommend using the hosting I offer on my website. I am using a private server that you will share with only the websites I built. This makes your website much faster and secure.

Also when using my hosting you can use my maintenance package.

This depends on wether you want a basic hosting for a small website or a hosting for a e-commerce website. For more information about the prices take a look here.

Yes you can also register a domain name at StudioTulips. By doing that you will have everything under one roof, the process will go much faster and you don’t have to provide me with the credentials of your domain provider.

A WordPress website needs to be updated regularly, if you don’t update your plugins and theme your website will become slow and less secure.
If you wait to long with updating your website and suddenly do a lot of them at once, there is a bigger chance elements will move or break on your website.

Yes I do, but I can only offer maintenance if you purchase the hosting from me and in combination with one of my website designs.

The price of a maintenance pack is 35€ per month. You can find the pack at the add-ons category in the store.

Included in the maintenance pack is a monthly update of the Plugins and the WordPress theme, the update of WordPress itself and a daily backup of your website that is stored for 30 days.


Orders and Contracts

You can pay by card, iDeal(for Dutch customers) or by bank transfer. Remember that by paying by card(or iDeal) is the fastest option.

Because of the digital properties of the products I unfortunately not give a refund.

You can read all the conditions in the following file: 

The products that are paid monthly or yearly are on contract basis. These are the hosting packs, domain names and maintenance.

I send the invoices every first Monday of the month. You will receive them by email.

All the monthly invoices must be made within 2 weeks (14 days). If I don’t receive the payment on time I cannot continue with your service and your website will be offline.

The payments of the invoices will be done through manual bank transfer or by using an automatic transfer.

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Working days: Monday to Friday.

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